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Frequently Asked Questions


Securing a spot is easy and can take less than 20 minutes. First, start an application by clicking “Apply” in the navbar above or by reaching out to our staff. Then, complete all required fields and actions on the Online Application and invite your Guarantor to complete their items. Finally, complete the Electronic Lease for both you and your guarantor. From there, a background and credit check will be run for you and your guarantor, and upon passing our screening criteria, you will receive an email or text message that you are successfully locked in for the school year!

Individual Leasing means that each resident must sign a lease for their own, specific bedroom, rather than signing a group lease for an entire apartment. As a result, each resident is responsible for their own rent and utilities, NOT those of their roommates.

Signing up early grants residents access to a number of limited perks and benefits including preferred rates (which rise as the year goes on), access to on-site parking, and prized floor plans and unit types. Call today to talk with our team about availability.

If you know your desired roommate or roommates before/while applying, you can send them an invite through the application portal directly. If you know your desired roommate or roommates after applying, you can contact Nova Tallahassee staff, who will then update your profile accordingly.

Nova Tallahassee offers a robust, survey-based Roommate Matching program should you be interested in a multi-bed floor plan but not have roommates upon application.

Yes. To live at Nova Tallahassee, students are required to have a guarantor co-sign their lease agreements. In our screening process we verify Income to Rent and Credit Scores, which students may not be able to pass on their own. Under extraneous circumstances, at the Landlord’s discretion, permission may be granted for the student/tenant to be screened as a self-qualifying tenant, but this will require an additional deposit or payment of the lease term in full.

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